Recognized Group Annual Report Form

Will this group be active during the upcoming academic year?

We specifically asked for information regarding the President, VP, Treasurer, and Secretary because these positions are mandated by Columbia University and the State of New York to undergo annual "Enough is Enough" Student Leader Training. The above names will be submitted to the Office of University Life and the Title IX office. GSAS Associate Dean Richard Slusarczyk will contact you shortly before the new school year to arrange a mutually-agreeable time to do this training.

On average, how many general group meetings did you have per month?
On average, how many executive group meetings did you have per month?
How many special events (such as Public lectures, invited speakers, symposium, screenings, performances, etc.) did you host during the past school year?
At all major events, was there acknowledgement that your student group was sponsored/recognized by the ASGC?
Did you use any Student Initiative Grant (SIG) funding?
ASGC represents GSAS MA, PhD, and DMA students in the Arts and Sciences. A full list of programs is available here.