The Arts and Sciences Graduate Council is administered by seven operating committees, each led by a committee chair, as well as ad hoc committees that are established as needed. Each committee serves a specific purpose, as outlined below:

  • The Quality of Life committee works toward the improvement of the quality of life of students in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences in any and all areas relevant to graduate student life, in particular in cooperation with relevant University offices and other student bodies.
  • The Events Committee establishes social, academic, and cultural events intended to build the community of GSAS graduate students. All members are expected to plan, organize, and volunteer at ½ of all ASGC happy hours (Thursday Evening Arts & Science Events).
  • The Alumni Committee is tasked with improving Alumni participation while fostering growth of future alumni relations with current students. They are expected to communicate the needs of graduate students to the Alumni Board and to coordinate with the Board to plan events related to the professional development of graduate students. These can include alumni networking events and professional skills events.
  • Responsible for improving quality of life for Masters Students and improving Masters Student participation
  • Responsible for providing Events Co-Chairs with ideas for Masters specific ideas
  • Responsible for identifying any changes in the Masters programs at Columbia including the addition or removal of specific programs.
  • Responsible for helping in event brainstorming with Events Committee for following Orientation week in the fall.