The Arts and Sciences Graduate Council is administered by five operating committees, each led by a committee chair, as well as ad hoc committees that are established as needed. Each committee serves a specific purpose, as outlined below:

  • The Budget and Finance Committee reviews funding requests proposals for graduate student events and projects, which may include conference development grants, conference travel grants, interdepartmental lecture series, social activities, seed money grants for new student organizations.
  • The Quality of Life committee works toward the improvement of the quality of life of students in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences in any and all areas relevant to graduate student life, in particular in cooperation with relevant University offices and other student bodies.
  • The Social Committee plans and executes social events (such as monthly TEASEs and End-of-the-Semester parties) and works to coordinate events with other schools of the university when possible
  • The Social Committee also organizes a few ‘big events’ for the year, such as a winter ski trip and spring boat cruise
  • Finally, the Social Committee arranges other fun events throughout the year, such as wine tastings, movie nights, poker tournaments, etc.
  • The Culture Committee plans all events pertaining to the arts and other forms of entertainment, such as sports.
  • The committee maintains contact other organizations pertaining to the arts and/or entertainment for potential collaborations.
  • The committee updates the cultural events of the ASGC website.
  • The committee assists, if and when necessary, with any special events (e.g., wine tasting, movie-night).
  • The alumni committee maintains contact with Columbia’s Center for Career Education to coordinate alumni and career events with graduate students.
  • The committee organizes various alumni and career events throughout the year, such as the ‘What Can I Be With a PhD’ series