Department Representatives

Department Representatives are the active members in the Arts and Sciences Graduate Council and represent all students from their department/program. They are the bulk of our meeting attendees and possess voting rights for proposals such as changes to the constitution, approving new student groups, and determining certain policy and event decisions. They are determined at our first plenary meeting in September.

Confirm/change your position by completing the 2019-2020 Department Representative form.

There are three methods for department representative selection:

  1. Direct election by all graduate students within a department (who are in good standing).
    • An open nomination period must occur such that all students eligible to run have the opportunity to nominate themselves.
    • The announcement for the election should occur at least one week prior to balloting.
    • Balloting should be conducted in such as way that there is no hardship for voting.
  2. Selection by the department’s graduate student government/organization.
    • A department-wide announcement should occur prior to the selection.
    • Nominations should be open such that all students of the department are eligible for the selection list.
  3. Department Petition: If options (1) and (2) are not available, a student may become the department representative by:
    • Announcing their intent to become the department representative through a department-wide communication (poster, email, etc.)
    • Obtaining the signatures and UNIs of >10% of the graduate student population of the department who support the person’s nomination as department representative
    • Submitting a copy of the announcement and list to the ASGC Communications Chair
  • Attend monthly meetings (if absent, send alternate from department)
  • Actively serve on at least one committee
  • Communicate information discussed at the ASGC meeting to your department
  • Convey suggestions and concerns from your department to ASGC
  • Volunteer to help for at least one social event per academic year

To remain in good standing with the Council – and thereby remain eligible for our funding and Travel Grants – departments must have an active departmental representative. To be active, a representative must be registered with ASGC and attend monthly meetings (or appoint a proxy in case of absence).

Up to one meeting may be missed within an academic year for a department to still be considered in good standing. Department Representatives are required to join an Operating Committee and volunteer for at least one ASGC event per year.

External representatives are department representatives who, instead of serving on committees, become a contact person for external bodies, such as libraries, International Office, Health, Disabilities, IGB, and GSW.